You begin the game 3 days before the German assault. This will allow you to prepare for future German assaults. These 3 days will also allow you to plan the battle from a different perspective in preparation of the future attack. And to plan the layout of the battle.
This also offers the player an important level of replayability.

This only affects No Man’s Land. Artillery piece and mortars alter the landscape of the battlefield.

Hand-to-hand combat system with a wide variety of melee weapons, such as bayonets, trench knifes, trench club, and so on ...


Trench raid, Infiltrate the enemy lines and kill your target with a discreet approach.

Take cover by standing behind walls and leaning.
Inventory system to store your items, categories for the equipment as well as the customization of some weapons.

The Trench takes place on only one map composed of two trenches: a French and a German one separated by No Man’s Land and its surrounding area comprising of forests and villages.
This environment is bound to climatic conditions (rain, snow, and storms) as well as to the cycle of day and night.